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Cristina Stancu

Graphic Designer

Hei, I’m Cristina, the Creative Romanian Unicorn at LM Someco.

At work, I create static or moving images that help tell stories when words aren’t enough. I mainly work with consumer brands, and my designs can be seen in stores all over Finland and in some European countries.

Master Industrial Designer by profession, I activated in this domain back in Romania, for 5 years, designing all sorts of promotional objects for brands like Coca-Cola, Beiersdorf, Danone and Mondelez (Milka, Oreo, Tuc, Cadbury, etc) that reached markets all over the world. Packaging Designer by heart, proud winner of 2 International Packaging Design prizes, I’ve been happily investing my creativity into new designs for some years now. My transition to Nordic Graphic Design started in May 2021, when I joined the LM Someco team.

Team player all the way, I like to work together with my team buddies to bring out the best results out of a brief. Discussing the first new ideas for a project is always interesting and most of the time delightfully unexpected.

In my free time I like to disconnect from everyday life and connect with nature. Also, a hobby-turned-side-business of mine was born from combining design and nature, custom printed clothes with my own hand-drawn nature inspired illustrations.

The world of design is ever-changing, and with the boom of all the AI services, I see myself in the future developing new ways of showcasing my designs with the help of this new technology. Social media has always been a huge interest for me, mostly because I am fascinated by how people interact with the available content out there.

I love working here because we work hard and party harder. ☺️ I am so happy to be in an environment where I am surrounded by professionals where learning opportunities are endless.

Työkaverin sanoin:

”Cristina is a gem! Niin monipuolinen ja taitava, etten edes tiedä kaikkea vielä. Tällaista taitoa ja kunnianhimoa on vaikea löytää. Ja niin nopeakin vielä!”