Creative partner

LM Someco offers strategic creative planning, phenomenon-building communications, technological understanding, and deep social media expertise all under one roof. 

By combining marketing, communications and technology, LM Someco can effectively harness the transformative power of messaging for our clients. We create impactful touchpoint chains, in which the brand inspires goal-oriented, evocative stories that inspire action. Only consistent and meaningful messages create impactful experiences.

Brand Marketing 

We create brand strategies along with clearly defined concepts and ideas for communication. 

Design and Product Planning 

A sensory experience effectively enhances the desired message, ttone, and mood.

Digital Marketing 

Planning search engine visility or executing a creative campaign using digital marketing approaches.  

Communications and Content Marketing 

We create a uniform brand experience through effective messaging and by building strong in-house media.  

Social and Paid Media 

Strategic planning and skilled execution ensure that target groups are effectively reached.  

Data and Analytics 

We transform data into information, that develops operations.  

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