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Social and Paid Media

A long-term brand building channel that offers an opportunity for effective tactical measures.

With a social media strategy, we ensure that content has impact, target groups are reached, and distribution is effective. We offer ideas on the use of channels and planning paid media.

Social media is a channel for long-term brand building. Studies show that brands which understand the context of Facebook and Instagram, and know how to create content that promotes a uniform brand story within that context, achieve the best results at the top of the funnel, i.e. in brand association and motivation.

Every one of us receives an enormous volume of messages every day, both from brands and our own networks. These transient moments, where the brand is recognised, should be utilised skilfully, while building a uniform story. Recipients become confused if the message content changes from one channel to another. If social media is only used as a channel for achieving short-term results, and we are not investing in brand recognition and top-of-the-funnel results, we are forgetting the most fundamental aspect of marketing. If we want to use social media to create a uniform brand experience, social media cannot be a separate project. The design of social media content should always go hand in hand with the strategic design of marketing and communications.

We produce custom-tailored content on a channel-specific basis, we build communities and we run campaigns, including everything from product launch to event marketing. We use paid social media ads to display advertising in all social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat) and Google. We are a certified Google Partner.

Social media strategy

We are on the pulse of social media, we keep track of the current state, and invest in interpreting future trends. We know how to harness social media, making it a productive channel for your business. We conceptualise, design and spar.

Impact analysis and audit

A social media analysis helps you develop content work based on data. We conduct a current state analysis of your own channels and benchmark the social media operating models and content of your competitors or select operators in the sector. Based on the analysis, you will be given recommendations on the development of content and channels, thus letting you know when you are on the right track going forward.

Real-time measurement and monitoring dashboard

The social media dashboard allows you to review the long and short-term development of social media channels in real time as well as the functionality of the specific content type and post. The dashboard may include the real-time tracking of paid social media ad results.

Social media content

Tone and the conceptualisation and production of text, image and video content that support set objectives. In content production, we emphasise the role of social media as a brand marketing channel, without forgetting tactical campaign objectives.

Social media community management

We serve as an outsourced community manager for several consumer brands, B2B companies and public organisations on a retainer basis. Working in close co-operation, we design content custom-tailored for specific channels, build communities, publish, buy targeted advertising, and analyse results. In accordance with mutually agreed rules, we communicate with your audience and establish a dialogue. Our skilled team will ensure that your content remains relevant as channels evolve and consumer habits change. You can outsource the entire package to us or just part of it.

Paid social media ads and campaigns

We create paid media strategies and ad buying. Advertising is purchased on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube and Snapchat productively, either in continuous co-operation or for each campaign. Creative social media campaign ideas and launches.

Google Ads

Advertising is effectively purchased in Google either in continuous cooperation or on a campaign-specific basis. We are a certified Google Partner.

Sprout Social — social media management tools

As a certified Sprout Social Partner, we offer a technical solution, support in Finnish and English, and the development of strategic operating models. 

Keynote speeches

We inspire your organisation or event audience to embrace changes to marketing communications and digital possibilities. Our experienced speakers tailor the content of their speech to meet the needs of your event.