Data and Analytics

How do we know our approach is right? 

The development and management of a comprehensive brand experience require proven data on the function of online services, social media, outsourced exposure, and content. 

Without the right context and visualisation of information, numbers are just numbers. Effective indicators are always specifically geared toward a given business. Decisions made based on proven data facilitate the continuous development of operations, so that the impact of measures taken can be gauged. This is why we, together with our clients, approach the transformation of data into information systematically and in a way that is derived from their business. 

The choice of indicators and their validation form the basis of all measurement. If a given indicator allows no conclusions to be drawn or changes to be made to operations, it is useless. Only the results of useful indicators are worth looking at. Indicator results can also be applied and collected for adapting information on one brand touchpoint to another touchpoint, provided that the brand message remains consistent in all touchpoints. 

Measurement model

We help our clients choose the most useful indicators that best serve their business. We help in determining the KPIs of marketing communications and what kinds of tools should be used to measure a brand in various touchpoints. 

Real-time measurement and monitoring dashboard 

A dashboard designed and custom-tailored specifically for a user provides key figures and can answer the following question in just a single glance: How are we doing? Clearly visualised data and well thought out indicators convey essential information and free up valuable time for analysis as opposed to data collection. A dashboard can compile data from both websites or online services, social media channels, customer relationship management (CRM) systems or another source important to your business. 

The dashboard allows you to review the long and short-term development of social media channels in real time as well as the functionality of the analysis specific to content type and publication. If desired, the dashboard may include the real-time tracking of social media advertising results. 


Results from indicators without any analysis of how they were obtained only tell part of the story. Results must be correlated with the measures taken and changes occurring in the market during the monitoring period. 

Post hoc ergo propter hoc – one event following another does not necessarily mean that one is the cause and the other is the effect. 

Indicators and their results are less important that the measure to be taken based on them. As is its measurement. 

Social media impact analysis 

Social media analysis helps you develop content work based on data. We conduct a current state analysis of your own channels and benchmark the social media operating models and content of your competitors or select operators in the sector. Based on the analysis, you’ll be given recommendations on the development of content and channels, thus letting you know when you’re on the right track going forward.

Installing indicators 

When implementing an analytics service, you’ll need to do more than just install a tracking code on your website. However, that’s a good way to get started. In addition to tracking codes, an analytics service should be set up to serve the measurement objectives and measure the more essential parts of the website to obtain useful data on brand encounters on the website. 

Auditing measurements

Can you trust the data your various measuring tools are providing? We check whether your current indicators are measuring the right things. We can also investigate whether your tracking code has been correctly installed, your analytics account structure has been set up right, you are using the right views, and your conversion points are being tracked correctly. 

Measurement coaching 

We offer coaching in the measurement and analysis of online communications and social media. We coach you on how to set the right goals and choose the right indicators as well as help you understand what kinds of figures to expect and how to achieve them. 

Keynote speeches

We inspire your organisation or event audience to embrace changes to marketing communications and digital possibilities. Our experienced speakers tailor the content of their speech to meet the needs of your event.