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Communications and Content Marketing

A uniform brand experience is created through effective communication and by building strong in-house media.

We combine modern communications and content marketing methods, also challenging our clients to break through barriers in their own organisation. Our experienced strategists understand the big picture of marketing communications and our clientele includes B2B companies, consumer brands and public organisations. You set the goals — we will come up with a plan together with you to realise them.

Our strength lies in influencing different media environments, whether we’re talking about ambitious in-house media functions, achieving media exposure or outsourced exposure solutions. We believe in the benefits of continuous measurement and learning by doing it yourself. In many cases, the basis of our development work is a current state analysis, industry benchmark and internal process audit.

We consider personnel to be a crucial resource for modern marketing communications. Our custom-tailored coaching programme improves the communication skills of marketing and communications staff as well as experts.

Strategic communications planning

Strategic planning integrates business targets with communications and creates impactful communication measures.

Content strategy

A content strategy sets concrete parameters for effective content marketing and content-based communications. Among other things, goals and their supporting content concepts, channel roles and target groups, relevant indicators, and practical approaches, are further defined during work.

In-house media conceptualisation and production

We strongly believe in in-house media, where content production is guided by an understanding of the target audience and business goals. We also provide support in practical execution, whether it is producing customer newsletters, website content, articles and guides, social media content, a company blog concept or sparring with your own writers.

Strategic communications and implementation support

We offer a strong expert perspective to your company’s strategic communications for both external and internal stakeholders.

Media relations and information

We can help you in building long-term media relationships or planning and executing campaign-specific PR.

Influencer marketing

A well-chosen influencer is more like a friend offering recommendations than an advertising talking head. We conceptualise influencer marketing and take its role in modern communications into consideration.

Communications technologies and measurement

We are constantly testing the latest marketing and communications technologies. Not only do we use them in our own work, but we also want to make our clients’ work easier with the relevant tools. We create measurement models, in which every KPI counts.

Building an open culture of communication, employee advocacy and coaching programmes

Personnel are crucial resource for modern marketing communications. We support you in both conceptualising employee advocacy and increasing the communication capabilities of your organisation through coaching.

Employer image building

Employer image is based on the organisation’s own communications, recipient experiences and other testimonials. The image is refined in each encounter. Building an employer image requires an understanding of the needs and actions of the target audience.

Keynote speech

We inspire your organisation or event audience to embrace changes to marketing communications and digital possibilities. Our experienced speakers tailor the content of their speech to meet the needs of your event.